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The ridiculous splintering of Internet Explorer

Today [26th FEB ’13] Microsoft has got around to releasing Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7, finally bringing the browser it released in October on Windows 8 to its most popular OS.

“This browser splintering may not matter too much to consumers: Windows Update will make sure they’re up to date with the latest available browser for their operating system, and there aren’t too many websites where performance will be dramatically hampered by not having the latest version of Internet Explorer. Even if it is, they can easily jump ship to one of the rivals.”

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Thoughts about IE and Max-width

Yes, IE7 (largely) solved the problem regarding its usefulness when MS integrated into IE7, as long as you used a proper DOCTYPE.

Now that Dean Edwards‘ “IE7-js” can work in place, Svend Tofte’s solution involving MS’ Dynamic Properties and Expressions still works appealingly well. Just make sure you follow the article exactly! Read More…

Apparently, this shouldn’t happen…

There I am, in the midst of a usability review of my shiny new code; and IE decides it’s not going to play along.
I would be lying if I said I was surprised; however the error is a genuine “WTF”-moment.
The text in the right-most column in this image is the target.


IE’s rubbish styling of a NoScript tag

This is only an error because the attached CSS is:
noscript#losttwitter, noscript#losttwitter p {color: #f99;}

This colours it the same bubblegum-like pink to match the header directly above it.

This would be fine and roll off me like the proverbial water (if I was a duck), but it shouldn’t happen!
I would also use The Mighty Modernizr or The Endowed CSSUtilities to make damn sure stuff happened how I wanted it; if that would actually work…