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Content creation and moving in a contantly changing environment

This is post is entirely because I found some excellent text, directly from the W3, that sums up the issues I had with staying afloat in a competitive market (selling “skillz”) with a codebase that not so much changed as rotated every few months. I sympathise with anyone mad enough to create a Facebook app’…

From https://www.w3.org/wiki/Graceful_degradation_versus_progressive_enhancement:

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256 Shades of Grey


RT @TechCrunch 256 Shades Of Grey http://t.co/jGG5MKdlBQ


RT @Inspirationf: The current state of HTML5 [INFOGRAPHIC] http://ow.ly/9INn2

The above caught my eye earlier today; and although it has done the round of the inta-web, it is more than just-quite-pretty…

HTML Tags and REL Attributes You Really Should Know

“via Net tuts+ 10 Rare HTML Tags You Really Should Know is a timely reminder (especially since IE 8 is just out), of some basic HTML markup that you really should know.”

Marvellous, if old output from Ian Irving.

I thought I’d add some similar stuff as a footer; my favourite’s at the top! Read More…

To-do: WP Engineers get in line!

There has been a spike in my blogging activity over recent months. This has led to me making some observations about the methods WordPress insist their users make use of, to add content to their platform.

Since there’s a Post (that I am still writing) that’s over six-and-a-half thousand words long, the shortcomings of the present editor have been made obvious.

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A foray into Widgets…

Yes, the time has finally come for me to do something to do something (slightly) challenging, possibly on my way to building my own theme.

I have a plan to re-widgetise the version of Dark Temptation I re-engineered that is currently in-state at CTSPro.co.uk

Basically, I’m adding a second sidebar. Although it doesn’t sound too complicated on paper, the recent developments there have only taken longer than expected…

Widgetising a theme (i.e. providing a “zone” for widget-deployment – as Brazell writes) provides decent capability and flexibility for any theme.

Ostensibly providing “the sidebar” for use by any user, can effectively double the amount of content on a given page. If size-restrictions apply to fit that content, this can provide problems with the making too.

In CTSPro’s case, this new widget will only be available on the front-most page of the site, represented by a particular template WordPress can display. This is what may leave me to just hack the content into this code and have done with it… Read More…