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Why is RecycleNow.com so slow?

Surely something with an ad’ campaign of any size behind it would be able to afford some decent hosting. After an hour of d*ck*ng about, apparently not. WRAP (the organisation that runs the above property – who also are having major error 7 & 504 issues) should really sort this out…

Some context:

Since my local council’s page on plastic bag recycling is rather unhelpful; I am forced to wander elsewhere to discover if I have to get on a bus to ship out the plastic bags I never want from online deliveries.

Fortunately the much quicker Recycle-More has been awesomely helpful in at least generating an idea; that so far the chance is high.

Anyone who knows of a business or shop, in the West Twickenham (UK) area, that takes plastic bags for recycling; or even has a recycling bank(!); please let me know!

Friends of Heatham House goes hectic!

Following (a slightly hurried) completion of the new site, it was brought to my attention that there would be a feature of Heatham in a local paper…

Unfortunately, following lack of receipt, I cannot say if it was a helpful resource! The Richmond Informer’s website seems to prove no further help either…


It’s awesome to think so many people showed up over the last two weekends (for the Twickenham Festival); to give some appreciation for the place that would hold (at one time) most of Twickenham’s children; and sometimes from further afield!

I would like to add my thanks for you all to that of all the HH team for everyone’s support! You know who you are…

I hope the site proves useful for all concerned; I think it’s about time there was a single point where all the relevant information about the place can be held (I didn’t know of the Twickerati or that there was a Twickenham Museum before researching this!).

Please note:

So far there is a meeting to be staged, later this month, to discuss the issues surrounding Heatham, particularly its future