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Content creation and moving in a contantly changing environment

This is post is entirely because I found some excellent text, directly from the W3, that sums up the issues I had with staying afloat in a competitive market (selling “skillz”) with a codebase that not so much changed as rotated every few months. I sympathise with anyone mad enough to create a Facebook app’…


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BlackBerry Androids?!

It turns out, while releasing BBM to other platforms, BlackBerry are expanding the scope of required skills for software-development on their flagship range:

As long as your code is written for the Android SDK v2.3.3, and you use BB’s own encapsulation tool, your code should run directly on BB OS10!


256 Shades of Grey


RT @TechCrunch 256 Shades Of Grey

Why Markup and Markdown matter

RT @beep New on the @GetEditorially blog, a little ditty about why markup (and Markdown) matter for writing: Read More…

PCPro adds HTML5 video to a website

RT @pcpro Mark Newton explains how to add HTML5 video to a website (Don’t forget the Flash, either) Read More…

Tim Berners-Lee vs. DRM


RT @guardiantech: What I wish Tim Berners-Lee understood about DRM
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