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Notifications and WordPress

Today we’re launching a new way for you to check its pulse. It’s called Notifications, and it lives in the right corner of your Toolbar (Admin Bar), which appears at the top of your screen while you’re logged in to WordPress.com.Read More…


To-do: WP Engineers get in line!

There has been a spike in my blogging activity over recent months. This has led to me making some observations about the methods WordPress insist their users make use of, to add content to their platform.

Since there’s a Post (that I am still writing) that’s over six-and-a-half thousand words long, the shortcomings of the present editor have been made obvious.

Read More…

CSS Goings-on

I’m quite willingly taking a lot of inspiration from this month’s issue of net magazine (#220), so forgive me if you’ve already read these.

First of all: Competitions

“In December I took over writing the CSS Gallery section. What does that mean for you my fine Nerdary reader? It means that if you make something new (its got to be new) or your friend makes something new or you see something new that has awesomesauce CSS you should let me know on here or on Twitter and maybe I can use it for an upcoming gallery segment!” Read More…

WordPress.com and Facebook Pages

No, this isn’t another post about the complexities (moral, user-orientated or otherwise) or Social Media; no, this won’t sway you into making another decision about which Social Network to use; no, I’m not trying to sell you something…

I have more than one blog with WordPress. I am an Administrator for two client’s blogs, also running WordPress.

I see there’s now a handful of options that any WP user (sorry: author) can use to spread the word. Specifically, their words. I’m not quite sure why the word “Sharing” and the word “Publicize” is used interchangeably, but there you go. No doubt the Happiness Engineers are proud that Marketing’s probably given their 1st line support people another headache. Read More…

A New Theme…

Yes; I have found something that I think’s an improvement on the marvellous INove.

Currently I’m using Skeptical, originally from WooThemes, now available on WordPress!

While my time with INove was thoughtful and instructive, the blurb (with picture!) option helped me tie this presence with the rest of what I suppose is my brand 😉 ; I found it a little too constrictive in terms of spacing, particularly when laying posts (or excerpts) next to each other.

I believe Skeptical, while having a slightly less convincing colour-scheme, will come to address these issues in the coming weeks!