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Multiple Video Cards

Slightly bucking the (hobbyist) trend, Jeff Atwood writes:

Almost nobody should do what I am about to describe – that is, install and use more than one video card. Nobody really needs that much graphics performance. It’s also technically complex and a little expensive. But sometimes you gotta say to hell with rationality and embrace the overkill.Read More…


My Website

Together with four of my esteemed buddies we have a site called Monsta Productions (http://www.monstapro.co.uk) where we review objects of interest (film, music, games etc), make and [EDIT: did] host movies as well as write our own short stories and [EDIT: did] remotely run a messageboard; partly as a service to our local geographic-area (Twickenham UK).If you are willing to put up with our innate craziness, perhaps you too can be part of our strong-willed, dynamic team! For contact details, follow the link to the site and the address is there (monstapro at blueyonder.co.uk virginmedia.com).

We are also looking for a graphic artist / illustrator to join as a (at least) semi-permanent member of the team, to start paid work immediately, providing suitable credentials are provided. Please use the address above to get in contact, we are all looking forward to meeting you!