Edge to Chromium

Could Microsoft’s switch to Chromium have unforeseen consequences? Early dev builds available to download today!


The Bottom-half of The Internet

Now this is what “the bottom-half” of “The Internet” should look like (and in case you wanted to know about Pork Pies)!


Hyperkin Kinda Do It Again

Following a review of the data from my wishlist (from the sadly defunct BoxedUp.com) I found something intriguing…

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Content creation and moving in a contantly changing environment

This is post is entirely because I found some excellent text, directly from the W3, that sums up the issues I had with staying afloat in a competitive market (selling “skillz”) with a codebase that not so much changed as rotated every few months. I sympathise with anyone mad enough to create a Facebook app’…

From https://www.w3.org/wiki/Graceful_degradation_versus_progressive_enhancement:

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An “Uber for Garbage” #RecycleTrackSystems

I’m guessing the the Shoreditch Hub would want these services in the UK privitised before this would be interesting: https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/06/an-uber-for-garbage-picks-up-steam-and-11-7-million-in-series-a-funding/

Latest product from #RetroN5 maker competes with #NESClassic

It’s so flaming marvellous to see a new manufacturer make strides into a competitive market, and to actually succeed at bringing innovative products to that market.

This is why I am proper pleased to see Hyperkin go all out with their latest flagship, the RetroN HD. Read More…