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SEO for Designers (and not quite for the rest of us)

If you hate programming of any sort, you will struggle. If you need to know the facts: SEO fundamentals for web designers is still helpful.

HTML Tags and REL Attributes You Really Should Know

“via Net tuts+ 10 Rare HTML Tags You Really Should Know is a timely reminder (especially since IE 8 is just out), of some basic HTML markup that you really should know.”

Marvellous, if old output from Ian Irving.

I thought I’d add some similar stuff as a footer; my favourite’s at the top! Read More…

I wish I knew more about Google’s Search-Caching algorithm

I think it’s strange how Googley can list a lot of pages that don’t seem to go anywhere.


Yes, it is up to individual administrators and programmers to ensure this happens; this is how SEO was invented.

Since I think the top-most hit (at the time of writing this is “The Troll’s Den.com”) has been there for at least a few months; surely there should at least be some information shown off regarding why it’s there?…

Can you say: “cache-poison”, anyone?

Or perhaps I should be mean and just send an abrupt e-mail from a hosted account; perhaps the Wayback Machine and a particular Firefox extension is the way forward…

New client!

Today went well, even though I emptied me Oyster card!

Chris at Mailbird tells me he did learn something, so I feel useful!

I’m also looking forward to the relationship between me and MB only getting stronger, as Kerry (the Director) believes he can make use of my other skills.

Here’s to us (all) for managing a successful meeting! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Google will fix their map-data and stop trying to get deliveries and visitors to arrive directly through (or perhaps over) a metal fence…