I am (among other things) a Media Technology graduate from South-west London, an occasional Freelance Web-Designer and IT Support Consultant. More on than that later…

I find web-development my primary vocation, but I’m looking to broaden my horizons in that fashion. I’m considering many options, currently heavily based on HTML5, but I’m also looking at the latest Adobe Creative Suite (with a lean in Flex / FlashDevelop’s and FlashBuilder / Demonster Debugger’s directions), and e-mail design; as well as SEO techniques, like quantitative sampling as part of A-to-B and/or click-through research. I’d like solve your BSOD-related error (laser printers and copiers also wrestled!) or a simple “it won’t load” problem; you don’t ask, you don’t get! I have already written up solutions, so clients and associated users can review what exactly went on; just in case…

While about the current work I’m undergoing (probably as well as older endeavours) the design of this, my blog, is very much subject to change. I’m currently using the Skeptical Theme; but since BoxedUp.com finally went belly-up: please tweet me if you know a good wishlist theme. Please let me know (see below) if you find anything broken or missing!

So, why did I choose WordPress?
I am very familiar with the backend it relies upon to work its magic; familiar enough to recommend, pitch, install, configure, tweak (regularly!) and style for clients. As a result, the visitors to CTS Productions and Friends of Heatham House *did* exclusively use WordPress to navigate and “pull” content at those sites.
This knowledge provided the boost (to jump ship) when Windows Live messaged me to say they were removing their “Spaces” service permanently on 16th March 2011.
As to the experience:
I’ve noticed the Twitter plugin (see to the very bottom of this Page) only functions nominally has improved since I last edited this, but there’s still much to be said for that system’s reliability! I’ve regularly seen no content there (while editing this Page), so please try a “refresh” / “reload” before announcing it! Otherwise I’ll at least write about it, see my WordPress Tag for related information…

My portfolio proper could be found at ncsizer.co.uk, more (preferential) contact info’ was available there too. If you have a job-offer that you would definitely consider me for; or if you’re a recruiter with something specific; please use this information to get in touch. FYI: while freelancing has been a real eye-opener, I’ve found something more dependable than pure consultation work (#KUSECWB).

As mentioned earlier: I am also on Twitter, while LinkedIn has more about me and my skill-set.

Also, for the people who have Googled me recently: I wish I was something more to do with the kernel of the HP-UX and Solaris OSes! Unfortunately it’s not true…

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