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All yor Tweetz ar belong to us

RT @t: Judge decides your tweets (and private DMs) are not yours, “but belong to Twitter“: http://www.salon.com/2012/04/26/who_owns_your_tweets/singleton/ #ownyourdata (ttk.me t4Hc1)

WordPress.com and Facebook Pages

No, this isn’t another post about the complexities (moral, user-orientated or otherwise) or Social Media; no, this won’t sway you into making another decision about which Social Network to use; no, I’m not trying to sell you something…

I have more than one blog with WordPress. I am an Administrator for two client’s blogs, also running WordPress.

I see there’s now a handful of options that any WP user (sorry: author) can use to spread the word. Specifically, their words. I’m not quite sure why the word “Sharing” and the word “Publicize” is used interchangeably, but there you go. No doubt the Happiness Engineers are proud that Marketing’s probably given their 1st line support people another headache. Read More…

My “The problem with Twitter” drivel

I suppose the last word in the title is a little harsh, but looking only at trends the twenty most viewed links were mostly from two years ago (arguably before Twitter became the SEO household-name it is now) and looking only at the whinges there’s a lot to be said for balanced comment about something you feel is rubbish and worth whingeing about. Except, on occasion, if you’re a “blogger”. Apparently.

Plus there will probably be more than one by the end of this article. Fact-based journalism? Pah!

Fair enough, it may be very useful to people who “make money from the Internet” (who “BTW”: are actually “making money” from the Web; you know, the more accurate but less “Market Friendly” phrase that everyone “used to use”?). That may also apply to “tweeps” who make money from actually selling stuff, but advertising (for free) what they’re selling. Read More…