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BlackBerry Androids?!

It turns out, while releasing BBM to other platforms, BlackBerry are expanding the scope of required skills for software-development on their flagship range: http://developer.blackberry.com/android.

As long as your code is written for the Android SDK v2.3.3, and you use BB’s own encapsulation tool, your code should run directly on BB OS10!


Javascript Enlightenment

Independent publishing and web-focused programming are most definitely interesting (for me!); so I’ve finally found a place where the two collide.

[JavaScript Enlightenment] is a self-published, PDF by Cody Lindley, a front-end engineer out of Boise, Idaho. I always worry about self-published books by developers as we don’t always make the best writers. However…

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A new project abounds…

Following a shout-out from a classmate, I’ve had a look at his Flash / PHP e-mail script.

While not being too bad a prospect, it didn’t work, sadly because of ini_set being used incorrectly: an “unexpected” encapsulated string was on line 10…

Unfortunately, he had also neglected to make use of PHP’s many built-in text-editing functions; particularly those that can help quash cross-site and injection attacks.

Following use of htmlspecialchars, any given text is operated on to encode any of the following:

  • Less-than and greater-than signs;
  • Ampersands (quite useful for encoding URLs, as recommended by PHP.net);
  • Single and Double quote-marks (as long as the correct parameter is set)

However, for a more blanketed approach, perhaps htmlentities would have been better…