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Excel shenanigans

I have been involved with a great stack of data over the last few months; building a massive formula that so far covers all the possible falsey input I can think of!

I’ve edited all cell references so it’s obvious where they lie; and not what they refer to. Personally I find cognitive search-and-replace really frustrating, and Excel has never made debugging input to its formula bar easy (I can only imagine the frustration a command-line PHP dev’ must have!)…

The magic started life as:


Designed around NETWORKDAYS to figure out the amount of time between two user-defined dates; it makes a nominal effort to filter out bad data. Read More…

I wish I knew more about Google’s Search-Caching algorithm

I think it’s strange how Googley can list a lot of pages that don’t seem to go anywhere.


Yes, it is up to individual administrators and programmers to ensure this happens; this is how SEO was invented.

Since I think the top-most hit (at the time of writing this is “The Troll’s Den.com”) has been there for at least a few months; surely there should at least be some information shown off regarding why it’s there?…

Can you say: “cache-poison”, anyone?

Or perhaps I should be mean and just send an abrupt e-mail from a hosted account; perhaps the Wayback Machine and a particular Firefox extension is the way forward…