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RAKet Mixing is now live!

I completely forgot to announce that edits have been done, embarrassing photo’s have been gotten rid of, and I’ve really struggled with adding an anchor to some dynamic text…

Originally, the editor used to build all the content was iWeb (by RAKet’s Helen and Mike), Apple‘s answer to FrontPage. I wouldn’t go as far to compare it to DreamWeaver (tee hee).

The problem lies with iWeb’s uses of Canvas, the iterative generator of dynamic effects, a huge part of HTML5.

As can be seen from the front-most page on RAKet‘s site,  there is a piece of text sat in front of a background image. “Easy to edit”, you should say. You would be wrong…

Apparently, this title is built entirely on Canvas, but apparently this makes any attempt to edit this text outside of this JIT-style methodology impossible. Even if I do add an anchor around an entire DIV tag.


It hurts to have to write it down, much less say it…


The boys and girl of RAKet Mixing are wonderful people, and are endeavouring to provide an excellent service. So get over there and give ’em some money! Hint, hint.


New project!

I was contacted earlier in the week with a potential web-mastering and code-writing side-project from an employee at RAK Studios.

Can’t wait!