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Responsive, to a fault?

There’s a new show in town, to start without much confrontation, and it’s largely down to the web-code ringmaster Ethan Marcotte (also @beep).

Responsive web-design came about largely due to changing demands of the equally modern web-user.

For example: as it’s more and more likely that this given person will like and be able to view images through their browser (no matter the device they’re using); what happens if you wish to use the same set of images through all screen-sizes? It turns out, just add some CSS:

Well, here’s the good news: that’s very easy to do: img { max-width: 100%; }

The Marcotte-related fun doesn’t stop there… Read More…

A thought on WordPress.com themes

I’ve noticed in all the themes I’ve installed, the Category and Tag links (in a post) all go back to WordPress‘ site, not mine.

A way to change that…