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Mobile Open-source community flare-up

Less than two months have passed (which makes about six since Nokia made yet another announcement) since I first wrote about this.

Now it appears Nokia have moved firmly over to releasing handsets heavily biased (if not locked to) Windows Phone 7

Now officially titled “MeeGo“, I find it a little disheartening to find all clicks for maemo.nokia.com to now redirect to swipe.nokia.com (presumably advertising the “N9”)… Read More…

Has Nokia gone mad? Probably not.

The alleged (it may be using this word a lot today) shock and horror this week comes from Nokia.

Since Nokia have allegedly ditched Symbian in favour of Maemo (a Linux-based mobile OS), as was put down by the “Symbian-Freak” in Sept. 2009 they have started sticking Maemo onto their newer smartphones, like the N900: maemo.nokia.com (the N910 is meant to be worth waiting for). Read More…