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An “Uber for Garbage” #RecycleTrackSystems

I’m guessing the the Shoreditch Hub would want these services in the UK privitised before this would be interesting:


Latest product from #RetroN5 maker competes with #NESClassic

It’s so flaming marvellous to see a new manufacturer make strides into a competitive market, and to actually succeed at bringing innovative products to that market.

This is why I am proper pleased to see Hyperkin go all out with their latest flagship, the RetroN HD. Read More…

RT @TheRegister TV transport tech, part 1: From server to sofa at the touch of a button (originally from

Since being taken over by Liberty Global just over a year ago, Virgin Media have done exactly their usual “here is a massive long list of products you could have, just give us yet more money” direct-marketing thing; but I notice no difference in the services that they offer… Read More…

#Hyperkin announce further delays to #Retron5

Just when you thought it was safe to write one’s wishlist (well in time for the holidays!) Retron5 manufacturer Hyperkin Media show off they actually didn’t properly vett their new machine; even before they put boxes together “for shipping”… Read More…

Is Amazon eating itself

RT @pcpro: Is Amazon eating itself? (Winning the race to the bottom by three furlongs)