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Facebook ejects itself

So! Facebook’s finally done a proper wrong’n, and I’ve hoofed it from me HTC.

This was bound to happen eventually; it seems all app-creators with I.P. to protect seem to stuff their code with so much (potential) cruft, the first users to eject the app’ are people at the lower end of the spec’ spectrum (if you will). Read More…

Firefox OS yes Firefox OS

Turns out the Mozilla massive have finally launched their own mobile operating system after announcing it getting on for two years ago.


Surely there’s space for some more license-free phone software; particularly since Google own Motorola and thereby own Symbian (in theory Android’s nearest competitor); specially since carriers (e.g. Orange- sorry, EE; O2; etc) theoretically don’t have to pay anything to fill their phones with this latest stuff?! Read More…

BlackBerry Androids?!

It turns out, while releasing BBM to other platforms, BlackBerry are expanding the scope of required skills for software-development on their flagship range: http://developer.blackberry.com/android.

As long as your code is written for the Android SDK v2.3.3, and you use BB’s own encapsulation tool, your code should run directly on BB OS10!