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Me Blogz failz and a Comiseration

Android-friendly Social Networking app Seesmic has downgraded my experience of Facebook. Badly. Unfortunately, my otherwise wondrous phone has almost run out of disk-space, so the official app (with IMO necessary updates) is well out of the question…

As FB now quite loudly states: all the content in your “News Feed” is (unwisely) separated into “Earlier” and “Recent”; fortunately I still see recent first… (Why is it FB suddenly dissolves any sort-by or filter options from the Feed? Why is “Earlier” a mash-up of the last 24 hours, including it’s sub-group “Top Stories Since Your Last Visit”, without any transparent schema to the sort of the list that appears?! Why?! Descending date-order has not only been FB’s staple for years, but since I started using Mobile it makes a lot of sense to have the stuff you haven’t read near the top of the screen? Angry face.)

Perhaps if Seesmic were to make the distinction between these two types and let me choose a viewing mode, all would be well. To keep the advertisers happy: perhaps the five most-recent, with a “show more” link; then the rest of the splurge coming from the content we “Like”.

Since Seesmic (the company) is making very loud noises about expanding into other areas than Social Networking, perhaps there’s a high chance a post to their forum getting answered by a company rep’…

Perhaps these two thought could even stretch over to FB-desktop?!…

I only moan at this as I got really hacked off trying to navigate between ad’s and posts when FB first got ridiculously popular (in the UK), just previous to app’s becoming the why-I-use-FB. A good while after that, FB decides they’re going to motivate their users to order their entire Friends List into sub-lists: it was actually quite useful to choose which groups of people you wanted to see the updates from, and security / sharing issues became much easier to navigate. I still cringe when I see articles about teachers or office-workers leaving themselves wide-open to criticism by posting an inappropriate update or photo. So easy to solve!

Even Mobile FB seems to get this right: shame it eats my phone’s battery like a kid with cola-bottles…


Seesmic for Android is rightfully placed as the got-to app for FB and Twitter shenanigans, specially for low-memory phones (anyone with a better alternative please comment me a link!). It’s unfortunate that fairly simple problems (lack of actually receiving Tweeted replies, for one!) hold it well back, certainly on my handset.

A lateral shift, therefore: is SquareSpace any good? (This is what Google says.) It being a paid-for service puts it into the same park as ExpressionEngine; but from reading brief comments it seems to be aimed at people who don’t need the more techie aspects of a modern CMS (like EE).

From the above page, you probably won’t notice a link to “LlewBlog“,  written by none other than Rob “Kryten” Llewellyn and hosted on SS.

http://llewblog.squarespace.com/journal/2011/7/17/hey-im-almost-a-member-of-the-chipping-norton-set.html is himself discussing the recent Murdoch / Media-take-over / widespread corruption stuffins. Corporate takeover is a regular emphasis in his (blog-based) writing!

Speaking of takeovers: I missed the recent come-one-and-all meeting regarding the Twickenham Station redev’ (I am a resident so I try to pay attention). Fortunately the council’s contractor didn’t seem to count on local residents being “shocked” at the multi-storey part of the plans. Oh well!