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Why is RecycleNow.com so slow?

Surely something with an ad’ campaign of any size behind it would be able to afford some decent hosting. After an hour of d*ck*ng about, apparently not. WRAP (the organisation that runs the above property – who also are having major error 7 & 504 issues) should really sort this out…

Some context:

Since my local council’s page on plastic bag recycling is rather unhelpful; I am forced to wander elsewhere to discover if I have to get on a bus to ship out the plastic bags I never want from online deliveries.

Fortunately the much quicker Recycle-More has been awesomely helpful in at least generating an idea; that so far the chance is high.

Anyone who knows of a business or shop, in the West Twickenham (UK) area, that takes plastic bags for recycling; or even has a recycling bank(!); please let me know!