RacketBoy writes: “MISTer FPGA: The Future Of Retro Game Emulation and Preservation?”

…the most discerning retro gamers are increasingly looking at the world of FPGA for opportunities to bring the conveniences of emulation to a hardware that is closer to original console hardware.”


This huge article is definitely worth a look for anyone wanting to find out about “Hardware Emulation” in general. The original author does peddle the party-line for his favourite project a fair bit; but stick with it.

Politics and Disillusionment

In a democracy, it is essential that public policy is responsive to the public’s wishes and that election promises are honoured.”


Admittedly discussing a very much more specific but no less thorny topic; I thought I would share this.

Ever wondered what’s wrong with the Economy? Start here?

Britain has ‘single-handedly’ done more to undermine world’s tax system than any other nation, report finds.”


The Ultimate Pocket-sized Gaming Laptop

Here is the teeniest gaming laptop you ever did see…”


There’s also links to a 3D-printed version that *don’t* majorly infringe on copyrighted design. Promise. Cute?!