Tetris: what you didn’t know

TheThings.com writes: “Luckily no one’s been crazy enough to make a Tetris-themed first person shooter or walking simulator yet. Still, all the crazy (and crazy good) creations with the Tetris name deserve a look. We’re looking at the ten best and ten worst Tetris games [each with their Metacritic scores]“. I hadn’t even heard of a bundle of these!

It’s perhaps the most popular video game of all time and was played casually (and not so casually) by hundreds of millions of people around the world. You’d think with all those people playing, the limits of the game were fully probed and the highest scores reached, right? Not quite…


There’s always been room for a little puzzle-action in my life; “Tetrominos” have even become a part of my furniture!

It therefore cheered me greatly to hear that the games’ original creator *isn’t an expert player* (much like myself):

Alexey Pajitnov still hasn’t mastered Tetris, the game he invented 35 years ago…


In an older post on Kottke.org: it transpires that Tetris has become yet another example of why “Video Games” are promoting problem-solving thinking patterns (and could help explain why AAA / “triple-A” publishers want to cash in on the social aspect of gaming so badly):

Why are humans suddenly getting better at Tetris?



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