RT @TheRegister TV transport tech, part 1: From server to sofa at the touch of a button (originally from http://reg.cx/2bYR)

Since being taken over by Liberty Global just over a year ago, Virgin Media have done exactly their usual “here is a massive long list of products you could have, just give us yet more money” direct-marketing thing; but I notice no difference in the services that they offer…

TiVo; multi-channel catch-up without a recording-device; allegedly fibre-based internet; minimum license fees to BT OpenReach and Usain Bolt smashing Richard Branson’s model space station: what’s not to love?!

Accordingly, to get a glimpse inside the “Headend” in VM-central (in an intriguingly undisclosed Berkshire-based locale) is something kind of unprecedented. I don’t see this happening with a BT or BSkyB-owned site soon; feel free to comment with updates!

P.S. Yes, this is horribly lazy reportage, but considering how often even the free broadsheets have used death and war just to fill a masthead recently, and as I am a Virgin Media customer, I think this is a better use of space…


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