#Hyperkin announce further delays to #Retron5

Just when you thought it was safe to write one’s wishlist (well in time for the holidays!) Retron5 manufacturer Hyperkin Media show off they actually didn’t properly vett their new machine; even before they put boxes together “for shipping”…Mariella Moon writes for engadget:

Sure, it’ll take time to ensure all units are in working order, but the firm aims to ship out the first consoles within the first quarter of 2014.”

Fair enough, they refused to ship because of faulty product; they definitely want to protect their brand. Surely missing the Christmas window is a major pain to the business. I can see a lot of parents getting their teenagers (because even the oldest kids would have been playing shortly after leaving the womb – to be in front of a new SNES!) a Retron3 to satisfy cravings.

Fortunately, if the whole batch was affected (which shows off how dilligent the team are – as well as how duff some of the project management’s been!) it makes sense to avoid mass refunds. An operation still this low to the ground probably doesn’t need that sort of abuse…

If it is just a fault in or around the Famicom cartridge-connector pins this should be easy to fix. Engadget also report the Genesis / MegaDrive connector’s being changed to accomodate Sega’s “Mega Adapter” (allowing use of Master System games on the R5) as well! Hyperkin thankfully reported the same findings following E3 earlier this year (as Alex Kidd would be an excellent edition to this console’s potential reach). In the same announcement Hyperkin also state:

All versions of the RetroN 5 will come with an AC adapter with four variable head sockets to fit multiple regions with the voltage ranging from 110 to 240 volts.”

“Hyperkin also confirms that the release date of October 31, 2013 listed on Amazon was a placeholder, and that Amazon has been contacted to correct the release date.”

Hopefully the rest of the engineering won’t disappoint after the stretched waiting-time (I’m still wondering what exactly happened to the Retron4)…

With thanks to Monsta Pro who have followed the Retron5’s progress over the last few months.

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2 responses to “#Hyperkin announce further delays to #Retron5”

  1. Jean-Marc says :

    It’s the Retron 5 because it has 5 cartridge slots, that’s why there’s no Retron 4. It’s so obvious that I’m wondering how your snarkiness could miss it.

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