Facebook ejects itself

So! Facebook’s finally done a proper wrong’n, and I’ve hoofed it from me HTC.

This was bound to happen eventually; it seems all app-creators with I.P. to protect seem to stuff their code with so much (potential) cruft, the first users to eject the app’ are people at the lower end of the spec’ spectrum (if you will).

People like me; who are vastly more mobile than desktop; who have only just got the chance to upgrade (from a phone with no capability to install to a memory card by default); and who have saddled themselves with an OS that they cannot alter without a significant increase in security risk…

As long as my next Android is at least Jelly Bean (i.e. 4.1+) or perhaps the fabled Android 5 (should it take me that long!) I’m thankful these problems will finally cease. Otherwise I might have to take Lanxon et al’s backhanded suggestion and see how easy it is to put the same on a BB10 handset…

Why not; when BB10 will run Android app’s natively?!

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