Ten tips for handling a techie

Wish I’d known this a few years ago (so I could have planted it on a few suspect machines)…

Steve Cassidy provides no-nonsense advice on how to deal with the chap fixing your computer

Hello. You’ve been given this to read because you’ve recently asked a friend or neighbour to look at your PC, and you’re a bit puzzled by the leisurely pace at which the process has gone since they sat down in front of your machine.

You probably know this person by reputation – other friends will have identified them as a professional in the IT business, or as a “whizz-kid”. Incidentally, I’m 50 this year and people still call me a whizz-kid, so quite clearly the term tells you more about the speaker than it does about the subject.

Be that as it may, I’ll explain to you why it is that so-called whizz-kids may well be completely stumped by the state of your humble home computer, which should at least give you something to read and fuss over without interrupting whatever it is they’re doing. If this starting point surprises you, then it’s probably as good a time as any for me to hand you the first in what will be ten snippets of wisdom.

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