How does this social-ready Inta-web cater for the news-dodgers?!

The scenario

You’re determined not to find out the score of the big game before actually watching it.

You really, really like the satisfaction of having actually watched the whole episode before finding out what happens in the end.

(Feel free to replace the above with a better analogy.)

So: what with multitudes of devices that handily sit in your pocket; telling you everything from when exactly “Zardog teh (sic.) Conqueror” beat at Game X (again); and what your three-year-old nephew spewed up this morning, and how many minutes you’ll wait for public transport to make you late; can you dodge who stayed in in tonight’s “Superstar Loosely on Turf” (copyright: me)?

One might say: turn off alerts to your sodding phone you unsociable sod (which is ironic if you think about it).

Sadly, you really do have to know what wee Jeffrey barfed on his Mum for breakfast: you just know Sam from the office will think it’s cute.

Filtering your messages could work; ignoring certain tones on your BlackCurrant also; or even temporarily setting an embargo on certain websites for the day; these are good strategies.

Viewed askew, one could easily say these are all also fripperous distractions from real life, while also totally opposing the intended purpose of these technologies in the first place…

Yet more reason, I suppose, for doddery old sausages to hide in the betting shop / pub / car with only their own misery for company getting more and more angry that the thing they probably do want to use to-find-out-what-the-fuss-is but won’t because of their innate stubbornness. Sods.


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