So I want a new phone…

There I am, on two £20 contracts (feel free to call me crazy) and upgrade time arrives. “Woooo, more toys to play with” thinks I.

Bear in mind that since I last upgraded, Android has been invented, the iPhone 4 flopped & all Blackberry’s internal network smashed itself. Again. Thank you RIM.

Yes, that’s how long cheap contracts had to be for good (2G) phones. I don’t know why people thought “rolling” tarrifs would last… It seems the vogue has been to make them SIM-only, sadly…

Anyway: I find myself wanting to get e-mail in my pocket; and maybe have a crack at the mobile internet ting too.

A bit of background: Since I lost a 2G Samsung, from trousers with crap pockets, I’ve had to stick with two phones that are hamstrung in these regards. Turns out the BlackBerry I already have doesn’t have a 3G module inside it; but it can do wi-fi! In a wired house? Brilliant.

So July (last year) finally turns up & I can start seriously thinking about this upgrade malarkey. Ignoring all my budgetry concerns for a minute; my dilemmas / procrastination-sources are:

  • Moto’ Defy vs Ss B2710 vs HTC Wildfire S (T-Mobile)
  • BB Torch vs Moto’ Atrix I
  • Any free BB vs Nokia N8 vs Nokia N9
  • Ss Xperia Ray vs BB Curve 9300 vs iPhone 4S 16Gb (Orange)

Considering my T-Mobile choice is largely made, as I think the Motorola Atrix I (i.e. not 4G) needs some serious load-testing before I go near it; plus there’s no clue anywhere as to how easy it is to take your stuff from the phone’s environment to mobile-computer’s “desktop”. Obviously, I assume it’s next to ridonculous easy, but some confirmation would be nice. Dual-core FTW; but I think this would be better with Quad (specially since some clever Swede’s hasve put one in a really mobilecomputer)

Consequently, the HTC is what I’ve had a crack at, specially as it’s the follow-on from the marvellous Wildfire and exactly it’s entry-level handset. Will post how I’ve got on with it later (it turns out: not great)…

It turns out the BlackBerry Torch has a few different models on the market; as of now the 9810 seems to be the most recent (and probably the last ever) tactile / touch combo interface. Shame only Virgin are given it away fairly cheaply; and even then only to their phone-line customers.

The Nokia / operating system ting I think I’ve covered already; so I’ll cut to the chase and say it’s been a right pain to find anyone selling either one online as part of a package. Turns out Orange were only taking their sweet time about releasing either one in the UK, and are (much to my step-brother’s chagrin) ixnay-ing both. Damn shame really. Specially since their best non-Windows offering is the C2-01… Bleurgh…

It turns out the Curve 9360 has been recently released ‘ere in Blighty, so I call an ammendment to the last conflaburation; that is:

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray vs BB Curve 9360 vs iPhone 4S 16Gb

Since the iPhone-specific tariffs on Orange are properly stingy, comparing like-for-like makes the Apple offering ridiculous.

While the previous clamshell Samsungs have all been marvellous; my old E720 was decidedly not so. Colour screen, yes; slide-out keys rather than fold-away; but no music direct from the microSD card totally fuNkin spoilt it.

True: not much of a comparison, since the Xperia is also running Android (Gingerbread) and a much better spec’; since I have never used Android at this point (also why I dodged the allegedly Froyo-toting Defy) I elect to swap O.S. Accordingly, my shiny new BlackBerry Curve 9360 appears in the post! More on that later…

I have a strong reserve contender in the Samsung B2710, should I ever Gods-forbid lose either of the Plan A handsets. Unfortunately: nobody on the Ask An Owner forums (only available for contract phones, and only then for products in stock!) could answer my multimedia-related questions. Since it comes with a USB-like headphone socket, you would of thought there would be some kind of connectivity involved! RDS (probably FM-only) and the microSD card are in there, so fingers crossed it’s keeping someone else in a similar position happy. The superseding model, the Solid XCover, is also IP67 rated, making it well ‘ard in terms of weather-proofing and dust-resistance.

Note: I believe Orange no longer serve the B2710; the XCover is slated as Pay-as-you-go only.

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