Javascript Hero: Change Computer History Forever

Found a cracking post by one Jason Scott (responsible for crazy and amazing after discovering DiveIntoHTML5‘s Mark Pilgrim’s disappeared from the face of the Web.

Besides adding thousands of items to and uploading terabytes of data (I’m at 28 terabytes of data uploaded since May of this year), I’ve also been working among a bunch of fronts to bring a whole raft of knowledge and history into the browseable, usable world. Trust me, a lot is getting in there. Allow me to both reveal the next step in this grand arch plan, and put a call out for people to help.

I think it’s about time someone attempted something audacious with the petabytes of “weird” old (emphasis on old) data that the Internet still holds onto; perhaps someday he really will be poised to take over the world…

Anyone willing to catalogue The Internet and expect to get away with it deserves such praise!

To repeat: yes, Mark Pilgrim’s disappeared “in a puff of greasy black smoke and 404s 410s“.

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