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I’m quite willingly taking a lot of inspiration from this month’s issue of net magazine (#220), so forgive me if you’ve already read these.

First of all: Competitions

“In December I took over writing the CSS Gallery section. What does that mean for you my fine Nerdary reader? It means that if you make something new (its got to be new) or your friend makes something new or you see something new that has awesomesauce CSS you should let me know on here or on Twitter and maybe I can use it for an upcoming gallery segment!”

Accordingly: I love this. All of it! http://thenerdary.net/articles/entry/show-me-your-css

I think My favourite of the three (after the jump) is Contrast Rebellion: while I realise that many, many Mac-people will be saying “Huh? We love low-contrast fonts”: that is only because your platform renders them better than any other! You would’ve thought that would’ve come out in the wash by now (specially since I know at least one person who really hates post-G5 Macs)…

Next: @font-face (the awesome technology nobody seems to like)

Jake Archibald‘s article on @font-face (from the same issue as above) was brilliant, but lacked any detail on GZipping. Eighty-odd words on a brilliant out-of-the-box feature in the equally marvellous Apache (web-server: for you non-techies) without a single example? Perhaps the editor was being mean?… Sad face. Anyway:

“Always gzip your TTF and SVG fonts. WOFF is already compressed, as are some EOTs…”

I think there’s a lot to be said (not all of it nice) for the CSS3 Working Groups that @font-face has been effectively dormant since 1994… Seriously, if it appears on net’s site next month, you should check it out. If you’re nice enough to give them money they will give you PDFs in return!

Good shenanigans with @f-f include Paul Irish’s article from ages ago; while he lists Font Squirrel’s F-F Generator as a more up-to-date source, that particular “drey” wasn’t working for me yesterday: I assume it’s because the “squirrels” are moving “trees”.

Finally: Related articles

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