More Facebook Shenanigans

If you have a Page in Facebook (you may have noticed I do!) there has been more than a ripple of movement recently about some of the more old-school community-based features.

Login to your Page, and (if you haven’t closed it already) you should see a grey box near the top-most edge of the screen. This states that on October 31st FB will be turning off the Reviews and Discussions app’s in Pages, to let the good people of FB “focus” on Comments and Posts.

Strange, since the Help Page on App’s in Pages still says:

Facebook Pages come pre-installed with custom functionality for each Page category.For instance, a Band Page comes pre-installed with reviews, tour dates, and a discussion board. 

Since it was only announced about a week ago, it doesn’t surprise to see the updates-schedule slacking…

Considering Groups are being “migrated” to potentially “update” them to a new format, assuming you’ve used yours often enough; I don’t see how taking removing older features will increase the likelihood of using newer ones. Mind you, it didn’t stop Clan Zuckerberg when FB became FB 2.0…

The MonstaPro Group has taken some preliminary action by messaging its members, doing what I believe FB would have approved. Here’s an extract:

“I … write to remind all members that, following a meeting, it is likely that the above Group will close in the not-too-distant future. This is felt to be prudent for attracting new followers / readers / etc, and is in order to follow Facebook’s recent announcement that they will be “archiving” all Groups made in the “old format”. More details are found by accessing this link:
It is the same one found near the top-most edge of the screen when accessing the Group. To do *that* simply click the link attached to this message.

Basically, this means you will (reading the above link) probably be found wanting if you haven’t “Liked” the Monsta Page, found by searching for the same in Facebook, after the Group has shut. The logo you all know (and hopefully love) is very prominent on the Page; we think you can’t miss it, and will know it’s us. There’s also a link on the Wall of the Group that sends directly to the Page (hint hint!).

What does this mean for you all? Well, “Liking” the Monsta Page means you will still get all the new updates…”

Hopefully the transition will go smoothly, even though there’s no official date set…


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