Social Networking Gripes

And Why Phone Designers Should Occasionally Be Shot

Since my last Post, a couple more issues have turned up; including HTC‘s use of the local storage on my Wildfire S, Peep’s need to have (apparently) 40MB of that space free in order to run, and why the fuNk can’t I delete the News and Stocks app’s?!

It’s sad that the only reason my phone is full of rubbish is because the screen-lock turned off in my pocket and pulled a lot of stuff I never wanted from Facebook, but one can’t help feeling a little angry that just because my device doesn’t really have enough disk-space (I’m pretty sue it turned up half-full) I should be penalised for using features as I see fit. Even if I did do it by accident (cue: angry face)…

Now I must trawl through my phonebook and either un-link or even delete contacts, hopefully to have them backed up to my Google account in a way that entails me not dragging all this “dump” back onto my phone! “Harrumphh”…

Yes, deleting all data from the People Storage app’ and Bluetoothing all my contacts back into my phone may well be quicker; but it does mean charging my old phone, finding the charger for said phone, removing the SIM from and then rebooting my Wildfire, hoping all the while it will work enough without the SIM inside, then organising the transfer… Like I wrote above: “Harrumphh”.

Since said app’ has grown by a Megabyte since yesterday, it seems now (more than likely) that the great and mighty Peep (N.B. this link may be broken) will soon dissolve into the background of usage, particularly as I’m in the position to use another handset for Tweeting and such. Unfortunately, I’m having to wait for Blackberry OS7 to arrive… (I think I’ll leave my whinging about my 8800 Pearl Flip for another Post.)

Anyway: a year ago I probably would have laughed if I thought I would be moaning about such a small amount of disk-space, now Windows 98 is unequivocally obsolete!

Normally, to get a-fixing sorted, the possibilities ahead nearly number a handful:

  1. Rooting (or probably flashing – much safer!) the device;
  2. Replace the app’;
  3. Run an alternative concurrently;
  4. Shift all Social Networking app’s to another phone…

You may have noticed there’s quite an obvious hole in the two latter otherwise perfect possibilities: disk-space. Both options 2. and 3. are completely ham-strung by it. Since there’s no chance I’m going to have a go at flashing a device after I bricked my wife’s netbook (since fixed!) it makes me a little paranoid.

However, attempting something that simple-looking (famous last words?!) on a pocket-sized device would mean all the kit fits much more easily on my desk…

Another option does come to mind; but I believe my network provider probably won’t take too kindly to me asking for a replacement after I’ve smashed it with a hammer

Perhaps picketing the offices of HTC until they give in would be more constructive. Let’s hope I don’t give in first.

While I’m at it: LinkedIn (desktop) hasn’t been that great about my personal data either; recently asking for my full birth-date, phone number, marital status and all IM handles I wish to share; then quite spectacularly not leaving a shortcut behind for me to edit said information.

This has (sort of) happened before; thanks to a Post there by a classmate (now “archived”) detailing how to turn off participating in what LI refers to as “Social Advertising”, I am now opted-out of allowing LI to provide:

“…social context, we [can] make it easy for our members to learn about products and services that the LinkedIn network is interacting with.”

More commonly known as Ad-Sense? Not that Google would probably allow it. There’s more too; governed by the option to “Turn on/off enhanced advertising”:

“Advertisements shown to you on the LinkedIn Audience Network are selected based on non-personally identifiable information from your LinkedIn profile.”

That one even has a Read More link; fortunately all contained in the pop-up. Yes, at least the pop-ups are tastefully done.

To sort out these for yourself, after logging in, rock to your Settings. Not sure where these are? That would be because LI hid them under a pop-out menu the last time they had a redesign. Hover over your name in the top-right corner.

Once “cookin’ on gas”, this page shows you a lot more information than just the aforementioned. The standard grey/blue Google Toolbar-style menu (under the masthead) is still available; but we’re interested in the sub-menus at the bottom of the page.

The “Profile” section of this content should already be open. We want the option that (slightly confusingly) says “Account”. Under the sub-section of “Privacy Controls” you should find the magic.

Good luck!

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