A foray into Widgets…

Yes, the time has finally come for me to do something to do something (slightly) challenging, possibly on my way to building my own theme.

I have a plan to re-widgetise the version of Dark Temptation I re-engineered that is currently in-state at CTSPro.co.uk

Basically, I’m adding a second sidebar. Although it doesn’t sound too complicated on paper, the recent developments there have only taken longer than expected…

Widgetising a theme (i.e. providing a “zone” for widget-deployment – as Brazell writes) provides decent capability and flexibility for any theme.

Ostensibly providing “the sidebar” for use by any user, can effectively double the amount of content on a given page. If size-restrictions apply to fit that content, this can provide problems with the making too.

In CTSPro’s case, this new widget will only be available on the front-most page of the site, represented by a particular template WordPress can display. This is what may leave me to just hack the content into this code and have done with it…

Fortunately, there is an advantage to having Widgets over hardcoding (in this case multimedia content, including some AJAX-style script revolving around a timed interval): namely the Dashboard. Once the new Sidebar is in place I can add whatever text-based widgets I like, and then give modular updates in case the client changes his mind.

As described, I am tasked with adding some code that provides new functionality to a very specific part of the site. Fortunately, the theme I chose had already (possibly by accident) made provision for styles of posts that will fit around the fact they’ll suddenly be half the width they were last week.

Now I can see that the content will all actually fit into this space as well, I can see how there’ll be enough room for everything; hopefully including dividers! Thankfully, the thoughtful author had already included these as well… 😀

As a third happy thought, the provision of jQuery to run the Cufon library will no doubt give me the rest of the required new stuff! Now to brush up on David Flanagan’s words, and hopefully I’ll have that down too!

Now, to just get on with it…

P.S. With regards to Dynamic Sidebars (according to Brazell) I wonder how easy it is to adjust the default HTML “provided”; given that he does not provide any examples…

If / elseif / else tests ahoy…

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2 responses to “A foray into Widgets…”

  1. etsachtoukf says :

    Super, c’est justement ce que je voulais savoir

  2. Nick says :

    I completely forgot to add something about finishing this! (It’s done and marvellous, BTW…)

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