Once I was described as “Brabantia boy”.

Seeing as Brabantia make peddle-bins: it was joked that you could step on my foot to make my mouth open. I have since met three other people who could easily have a crack at at.




Man vs Food's Adam Richman, as reviewed by Charlie Brooker

The man in the picture above has officially attacked a similar pizza to that he’s sharing a frame with. Each slice is over three-feet long. Not to mention the “Four Horsemen” burger he consumed. Containing chopped “Ghost Chillies”, each pepper rates at over a million Scoville units each (GIYF to find out more).

I’m not… Quite sure I would go there…


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2 responses to “Once I was described as “Brabantia boy”.”

  1. Nick says :

    …and it’s on all weekend! 😀

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